Given presentations


All abstracts of the given presentations are at least in two languages and are listed below in alphabetic order of first author's name.
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For some presentations, the oral presentation or/and a paper can be downloaded. 

Alangui, W. Mutual interrogation as an ethnomathematical approach. Open presentation: ppt

Amit, M. Values, tradition, and daily practice in math class: the cultural clash between new immigrant teachers from the FSU and Israeli teachers. Open presentation: ppt

Barton, B., Reilly, Y. & Lichtenberk, F. Language and topology: notes from the field. Open paper: pdf

Begg, A. Ethno-mathematics, ethno-knowledge, and ethno-education. Open presentation: word    Open paper: word

Domite, M. C. The connections between ethnomathematics and teacher education. Open presentation: ppt

Fantinato, M. C. & De Vergas, S. M. Rural past marks in migrant young and adults mathematical knowledge. Open presentation: ppt     Open paper: word

Fantinato, M. C. Vianna, M. A. Teaching mathematics to young and adults: ethnomathematics and teachers continuous education in Rio de Janeiro. Open presentation: ppt     Open paper: word

Gillies, R. Nursing mathematics: what skills do nursing students bring to drug calculations? Open presentation: ppt

Higginson, W. Beauty, the human, and mathematics: elements of a case for Homo Maestheticus. Open presentation: ppt

Hirsch-Dubin, F. Evolution of a dream: the emergence of Mayan ethnomathematics and indigenous ways of knowing at a Mayan autonomous school in Chiapas, Mexico. Open presentation: ppt     Open paper: word

Horsthemeke, K. Ethnomathematics and education: some thoughts on the allegation of recent developments and current directions.  Open paper: word

Horsthemeke, K. & Schäfer, M. Does 'African' mathematics facilitate access to mathematics? Towards an ongoing critical analysis of ethnomathematics in a South African context. Open presentation: word    Open paper: word

Knijnik, G., Wanderer, F. & de Oliveira, C. J. Articulating oral mathematics and the use of a calculator in a peasant culture. Open presentation: ppt

Lipka, J. & Adam, S. Mathematics in a cultural Context: salmon fishing - investigations into probability. Open paper: word

Meany, T., Trinick, T. & Fairhall, U. The role of language in ethnomathematics. Open presentation: ppt     Open paper: word

Mosimege, M. Mathematical knowledge and its use in daily activities of workers at South African cultural villages.

Norén, E., ter Vehn, M., Rönnberg, I. & Rönnberg, L. Reflecting the cultures and languages in Swedish mathematics classrooms. Open presentation: ppt    Open paper: pdf

Onstad, T. Is the mathematics we see the mathematics they do? Open paper: word

Owens, K. Rethinking ethnomathematics research. Open presentation: ppt  Open paper: word

Poisard, C. Studying mathematical objects in class, the example of the Chinese abacus. Open presentation: pdf

Saburi, Y. On a possibility of creating or translating mathematics terminologies. Open paper: word

Shirley, L. Ethnomathematics in global education programs. Open presentation: www.towson.edu/~shirley/global.htm   Open paper: word

Stathopoulou, C. Symmetry and gold section: two mathematical ideas incorporated in the tradition of Xysta (Pyrgi-Chios-Greece). Open presentation: pdf

Stathopoulou, C. & Chaviaris, P. Sociocultural view on relationship between school failure and mathematics education: a case study. Open presentation: ppt