Title : Condorcet domains, cardboard, and computers
Speaker: Charles Leedham-Green
Affiliation: Queen Mary University of London
Time: 13:00 Monday, 27 November, 2017
Location: 303-G14
Condorcet domains are combinatorial objects, with an historical connection with the mathematics of choice. The classic problem has been to determine the size and structure of the largest Condorcet Domain of a given degree. Inspired by a talk at this seminar given last year by Arkadii Slinko, and using a variety of techniques, from cardboard (not very successful) to a super computer (very successful) and mathematics (more successful), we have broken various records. This is joint work with Dolica Akello-Egwel, Aiastair Litterick, Klas Markstrom, and Søren Rees.

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