Title : Group Branching Program Obfuscation
Speaker: Lukas Zobernig
Affiliation: University of Auckland
Time: 14:00 Friday, 24 November, 2017
Location: 303-G14
Generally speaking, program obfuscation tries to hide a program's logic from a snooping adversary. Ideally, we would like the obfuscated version of a program to be a 'virtual black box', unfortunately one quickly finds that this wish poses many problems. Here we shall instead restrict our view to a special class of programs, called branching programs, that are representations of logic circuits by a sequence of group elements. We will review Barrington's theorem that guarantees the existence of polynomial length sequences for a special class of circuits. Finally, we will see how group representations and multilinear maps based on lattice problems allow us to obfuscate these branching programs.

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