Title : Models of hyperspaces
Speaker: Dr Alejandro Illanes
Affiliation: Universidad Nacional Autunoma de Mexico
Time: 11.15 am Wednesday, 18 January, 2017
Location: 303-G14
A continuum is a nondegenerate compact connected metric space. Given a continuum $X$, the most known hyperspaces are: $$2^X = \{A\subset  X : A is nonempty and closed},$$ $$ C_n(X) = \{A\subset 2^X : A has at most n components\},$$ and $$F_n(X)=\{A\subset2^X :A has at most n points\}.$$ A model for a hyperspace $\mathcal H(X) \in \{2^X , C_n(X), F_n(X)\}$, is a more familiar continuum $Z$ such that $Z$ is homeomorphic to $mathcal H(X)$, and in most of the cases $Z$ is a subset of some Euclidean space whose elements are points instead of subsets of a continuum. For some specific continua $X$, sometimes it is possible to construct models for either $2^X$ , $C_n(X)$ or $F_n(X)$. In this talk we will present all the known models for hyperspaces.

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