Title : Learning Mathematics – Students’ Voices
Speaker: Pamela Perger
Affiliation: University of Auckland
Time: 3pm Friday, 14 August, 2015
Location: 303 - B09
No one can make another person learn, they can only help and guide them. Knowing more about a student’s metacognition, and ‘how to learn’ strategies could provide a leverage point for changing their learning behaviour and consequently their achievement (Schunk & Usher, 2013; Zimmerman & Schunk, 2011). This presentation introduces a project that focuses on students’ perceptions of effective practice for learning mathematics. The differences between what students say and what they do in learning mathematics will form the basis for the planning and implementation of an intervention using an quasi-experimental design to address the question: What impact does scaffolding students to enact self-identified learning strategies have on improving mathematical engagement and achievement? Some data relating to students’ perceptions of effective practice will be presented.

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